Save Money on Fitness With 5 Easy Ideas

1. Rent workout DVDs on Netflix.
If you're not currently subscribed to Netflix, check it out. There are multiple levels of membership and you can join for as little as $ 13 a month. They have hundreds of workout videos, including Pilates, cardio, kickboxing, strength training, yoga, dance, and many more. You can keep them as long as you'd like. Another benefit is that many of these videos have been reviewed by other members, so you will not waste time on the bad ones. It's a great way to keep your work divided and to prevent plateaus!

2. Find a group exercise class.
Take another look at the exercise class schedule at your gym, rec center, or local yoga / Pilates studio. Also, if your company or condo has a fitness facility, use it. The social aspect will keep you motivated and the cost is usually little to nothing.

3. Purchase some home equipment.
Resistance tubes, dumbbells, medicine balls, balance discs and kettlebells are affordable and can easily be stored or transported. Use your workout DVDs or fitness magazines for exercise ideas, or have a personal trainer come in to teach you some basics that you can do on your own.

4. Get involved in sports or group activities.
Have you been thinking about joining a running group, volleyball team, dance class or just going on more hikes? Again, the social atmosphere will help get you motivated and you will meet like-minded people. Plus, when something feels less like exercise and more like fun, it is usually easier to keep doing it. Just try to avoid the teams that go out partying afterwards (or at least try to be reasonable in what you consume!). It will help your waistline and wallet.

5. Take advantage of group personal training, shorter sessions for half the price, and / or online training and coaching.

Ask your friends for referrals for trainers, or check with your gym to see if they have any specials. Many fitness facilities are suffering from the downturn as well, and they may be more likely to cut you a deal.

Source by Danielle Ring

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