Planet Play

Planet Play is a colorful Blogger XML template which offers a striking and memorable design, while being very easy to use and install.

It is a wide, two column theme with a playful theme which is repeated throughout the design in the form of background images and icons. Be sure to check out the “Subscribe” section in the sidebar, which includes a stylized email subscription box to encourage new blog readers to subscribe to your future updates!

Features of this theme include:

  • Image-heavy, highly stylized graphics throughout
  • PSD for header background and logo included
  • Memorable “Subscribe” area in the sidebar, with integrated email subscription box which requires minimal configuration
  • Icons for list items in the sidebar and footer, which are configured to match the widget type (ie: folder for Archives, page for Recent Posts, etc)
  • Integrated recent posts widget (to display 10 latest items) and recent comments (which includes details of post author)
  • Post information appears below each title, supplemented by appropriate icons
  • Very easy to set up and begin using right away!
This design makes use of selected <a href="" rel="nofollow">FamFamFam Silk Icons</a>. All other icons and images are my own work and are unique to this Blogger template design.

I have included the PSD source files for the header-background and the logo in the template files.

Also, I have included the RSS Spaceship as a stand-alone icon (PNG format) in the Images folder in case you would like to use this for other elements of the layout.

<p>A comprehensive help file is included in the download which explains exactly how to upload and configure the Planet Play template for your own Blogger blog.</p>


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