Netflix VS Blockbuster – Which is Better?

In 1999 Netflix came up with the brilliant and simple concept of online movie rentals delivered to your door. Rather than pay per rental, you could pay a flat monthly fee and walk to your mailbox instead of drive to your local blockbuster or movie rental store. You could choose up an up to eight disc at a time plan and pick your movies on their website right from your laptop.

Your movies arrived in an envelope that was also a prepaid return envelope and you put the movie right back in and processed it right back out. You could keep your movies as long as you wanted and return them whenever you wanted. Late fees were a thing of the past!

As Netflix rose in popularity, the leading brick and mortar movie rental retailer, Blockbuster, began to suffer from the new competition. First Blockbuster adopted a no late fees policy. Then in 2004 it decided to jump into the online movie rental sphere itself to offer direct competition.

So how do Netflix and Blockbuster stack up? Let's compare feature by feature.

1) Cost.

Netflix has eight plans. The prices range from 9.99 for one movie at a time to 47.99 for 8 movies out at any gives time. Blockbuster has four plans, again starting at 9.99 for one movie out at a time and going up to 23.99 for 4 DVDS out at a time.

Verdict: Netflix has a wider selection of plans available, however for the plans Blockbuster does have, the pricing is on par.

2) Selection.

Netflix has 65,000 titles available, and Blockbuster more than 60,000. Both have tv shows and untreated movies.

Verdict: Tie.

3) Special Features.

Netflix allows accounts to have up to 5 separate queues (good for families or roommates), and they have a community where you can see what your friends are watching and share movie recommendations.

Blockbuster users can rent a certain number of in store rentals per month as part of their plan, and return movies to their local Blockbuster as well.

Conclusion: For the younger, social online crowd, Netflix is ​​a better choice, while those who have a Blockbuster nearby or who do not want to take advantage of the social aspect of Netflix may prefer Blockbuster.

Source by Emily Thomson

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