How to Save $50 a Month on Your Satellite Or Cable Bill

You know, I love TV, and because I love TV I used to have every single channel available! But because of this I ended up paying almost 50 dollars more a month than a basic TV package. Even though I love to watch a lot of TV, even I thought that was too much. I knew I had to find a better and cheaper way of getting the movies and shows I love. As it turns out there are quite a few ways you could save yourself a good chunk of change.

Option One – Netflix

I know I can’t shut up about Netflix, but it really is a fantastic service! Sure, I could pay that extra $50 a month just to get HBO, Starz and Showtime, but why should I went I can pay Netflix $10 a month and get unlimited movies through the mail? Their site also gives you the option to watch certain movies and TV shows instantly on your computer. Only problem is Netflix can’t offer the latest season of any given TV show until it’s out on DVD. But that’s not a big deal, there are plenty of websites out there where you can find the latest episodes of TV shows.

Netflix also recently released their own hardware box called the ROKU. It runs at $100 but the great thing about it is you can browse the Netflix library, rent a movie, and have it streamed directly to your television set. Microsoft even signed a deal with Netflix allowing members to stream movies from the service to their TVs through their Xb0x 360 console!

Option Two – iTune Rentals

Even iTunes is a great movie renting option. unlike Netflix, which charges a flat monthly fee, iTunes prices per rental. So if you plan on only watching a handful of movies every month, this is a much better option for you. Not only can you watch your iTunes rentals on your computer, but also your iPhone, your iPod touch, or your TV (so long as it has Apple TV, of course.) You can also get TV shows through iTunes for $1.99 each but I’d suggest checking to see if the show is on for free before you go paying for anything.

Option Three – Amazon Video on Demand

Amazon now has their own Video on Demand service and it’s a bit similar to iTunes. So far you can only watch your rentals on your computer with Amazon Video on Demand, but I’ll bet an option to watch on your television isn’t too far off. Amazon’s service is probably the most convenient if you’re already an member, but as it stands now iTunes simply boasts the larger collection of content.

Source by Kevin B Fleming

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