Greencrop Blogger Templates

name: Greencrop Blogger Templates

Greencrop – A stylish, beautiful template for blogger blogs


<li>Type: Blogger XML Template</li>
    <li>Column type: Two Column</li>
    <li>Browser test: IE6, FF3, Opera 9.52, Google Chrome</li>
    <li>Very easy to change and customize using simple CSS </li>
    <li>Many options in the administration panel to set the theme</li>
    <li>Header image : me. ( PSD file is included for customization )</li>

Live Preview: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

PS: If you have any design, setup and construction problem please send me email at: mesaj [at] ooruc [dot] com

<p>PS:  Don&#8217;t forget. You can  also use the blogger custom domains feature if you have your own domain name.</p>


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