Geek Press – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

Geek Press template was designed as a flat and responsive Blogger template for News and Magazine websites. Geek Press is very easy to work without touch to code, it will help you publish your small news / magazine projects as the fastest way ever.

Geek Press Features

  • 100% Reponsive
  • Build home layout by add / drag / drop widgets (very easy change the sorting of the label sections or repeat label sections)
  • Smart Resize Thumbnail
  • Auto detect social icons
  • Build drop down menu without touch to code
  • Support shortcodes
  • Support reactions and google map in post body
  • Support post pagination: allow you break a long post into multi chapters with simple shortcodes
  • Custom 404 page
  • Allow post previews
  • Advance Editor: upload background images, change background color, key colors, fonts.
  • Very friendly Admin Panel
  • Well Documentation
  • Threaded comments with emoticons
  • Comment shortcodes to allow you insert video and image in your comment
  • Blogger, Facebook and Disqus comment sytems ready and allow your visitors easy to switch, template will auto remember visitors’s choice for future.
  • Related posts ready.






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Release Notes

v2.3.0 – Mar 12, 2017

Fixed: Blur images from popular post widget
<strong>v2.2.3 &#8211; Nov 27, 2016</strong>
Fixed: Forever loop on Ticker widget
<strong>v2.2.2 - Aug 07, 2016</strong>
Fixed: VIEW ALL link not work properly.
<strong>v2.2.1 - July 28, 2016</strong>
Fixed: popular post thumbnail not display properly.
<strong>v2.2.0 - June 10, 2014</strong>
- New: Add Instagram into Social List
<strong>v2.1.3 - April Fool, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: IE8 not work properly
<strong>v2.1 - Feb 14, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: post pagination not working properly more than 2 chapters 
- Fixed: post image not display properly in ie 11 
- Fixed: json data not display properly with special label
<strong>v2.0 - Jan 27, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: post pagination not working properly
<strong>v1.90 - Jan 26, 2014</strong>
- New: post pagination
- New: make style for reactions
- New: auto replace google maps link to real map iframe
- New: support add video and image in comment
- New: add zoom in / zoom out for post body text function
- New: redesign header to allow add more menu items
- Fixed: Reply button now work property
- Fixed: too slow when load large Blogger data
- Fixed: pagination not display on mobile
<strong>v1.80 - Dec 22, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : can not get first image if editor post with Ms-Word
<strong>v1.70 - Dec 17, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Sometime, template not work properly with large json
<strong>v1.60 - November 15, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Menu display front of lightbox image
<strong>v1.50 - November 13, 2013</strong>
- New : Support right to left languages
<strong>v1.40 - November 05, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Facebook comment not load if Default comment load first
- Fixed : Reaction not display properly
- New : Add youtube and behance into social icons list
<strong>v1.30 - October 14, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Feed list not work properly
- Fixed : long non-break text not work properly
- Fixed : Like box in post item display behind related box
<strong>v1.20 - October 7, 2013</strong>
- Fixed: thumbnail images not work properly on Firefox
<strong>v1.10 - October 4, 2013</strong>
- New : Break News section 
- New : Image Carousel box
- Fixed : Youtube Image thumbnail not work properly
<p><strong>v1.00 &#8211; September 30, 2013</strong>
Initial Release


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