Flat News – Easy News & Magazine Template

Flat News is a news and magazine Blogger template. This template is very easy to work without touch to code. Flat News is 100% responsive and drag-drop to build your own home design.
Flatnews WordPress Theme Available

Primary Features

  • Current version: 2.6.8.
  • 100% Reponsive
  • Build home layout by add / drag / drop widgets (very easy change the sorting of the label sections or repeat label sections)
  • Smart Resize Thumbnail
  • Auto detect social icons
  • Ads ready
  • Build drop down menu by add widgets
  • Support shortcodes
  • Custom 404 page
  • Allow post reviews
  • Advance Editor: upload background images, change background color, key colors, fonts.
  • Very friendly Admin Panel
  • Well Documentation
  • Threaded comments with emoticons
  • Support Print CSS and allow visitors share articles email
  • Allow visitors increase / decrease text size and auto remember for future.
  • Facebook and Disqus comment ready and easy to allow visitors switch, auto remember for future.
  • Related posts ready.


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Release Notes

v2.6.8 – Aug 15, 2014

- Fixed: duplicate ads showing when use adsense in top ads
- Fixed: allow choose default background from Template Designer
<strong>v2.6.5 &#8211; Aug 15, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: pagination not work
<strong>v2.6.4 &#8211; Aug 11, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: optimize_thumbnail not work properly
<strong>v2.6.3 &#8211; Aug 08, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: app buttons not display properly
<strong>v2.6.1 &#8211; Feb 13, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: related posts not work with some labels with special characters
<strong>v2.6 &#8211; Feb 12, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: json work not properly with special labels
- Fixed: unwanted space at header ads
<strong>v2.5 &#8211; Feb 10, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: index pages display not properly
- Fixed: header ads has space under its box
- Fixed: show unwanted messages
<strong>v2.4 &#8211; Feb 08, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: post pagination not work properly
- Fixed: can not click tag names in single post
- Fixed: slider title not easy to read
<strong>v2.3 &#8211; Jan 29, 2014</strong>
- Fixed: load too slow with large blogger json
- Fixed: pagination number not show on mobile devices
- New: break long post to multi chapters
- New: support comment shortcodes to insert videos and images
<strong>v2.2 &#8211; December 20, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Facebook not select right image when share
- Fixed : Next/previous button not display properly
<strong>v2.1 &#8211; December 11, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Print and Email button on post display not properly
- Fixed : template not work properly with too large json feed
<strong>v2.0 &#8211; November 14, 2013</strong>
- Fixed    : Facebook comment not load if Default comment load first
- Fixed : Reaction not display properly
- Fixed : Image in post body not float properly
- Fixed : Menu display front of image lightbox
<strong>v1.9 &#8211; October 14, 2013</strong>
- Fixed    : Fix some news box not display properly
- Fixed : Comment meta not link to comment form
- Fixed : Label cloud not show number when enable number of posts
<strong>v1.80 &#8211; October 5, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Template not properly with very heavy Blogger database 
- Fixed : Sub menu not show on label page
<strong>v1.70 &#8211; October 1, 2013</strong>
- Fixed : Enable Mobile Template will disable Template Editor 
- Fixed : Disqus comment display when not enable 
- Fixed : Random post not work properly 
- Fixed : Block quote not display right on small screens
<strong>v1.60 - Sep 24th, 2013</strong>
Fixed : Pagination not work with very heavy posts on Label page
Fixed : Not work properly on IE7,8,9
<strong>v1.50 - Sep 13th, 2013</strong>
Fixed : Like box show behind related post box
Fixed : Full control break section speed or disable it
Fixed : Not show post description when share on facebook
Fixed : Wrong display thumbnail for hot layout
<strong>v1.40 - Sep 09th, 2013</strong>
Fixed: Wrong description meta (critical for SEO)
Fixed: Wrong display with screen size 320px or lower
New: Add disqus comment system and easy pick.
<strong>v1.30 - August 22th, 2013</strong>
Fixed: Wrong line height for long title
Fixed: Comment switcher sometime not work.
<strong>v1.20 - August 16th, 2013</strong>
Fixed: Slider not display title and dots
<strong>v1.10 - August 15th, 2013</strong>
Fixed: Wrong display on Opera mini (read in document at mobile enable step)
<p><strong>v1.00 &#8211;  August 14th, 2013</strong>
Initial Release


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