Eliminate Clutter Through Technology – Taking Inventory

That's it, dude. I got tired of all this clutter. Eliminate, Eliminate, Eliminate, I've reduced my entire life down to one suitcase and a single Blu-ray disk. – Jason

Jason has always been a bit strange, but always seemed to have a different way of looking at things. After spending his early life in Toronto, Jason moved as far away as possible after graduating from college. He ended up living in Thailand for the next nine years. For the first few years, he partied, stayed out late, played in bands, and basically lived it up in Bangkok.

One day, he discovered that he was unhappy and unsatisfied, despite his constant party lifestyle. To eliminate the clutter in his life and clear his mind, he decided to get rid of everything he did not actually need and concentrate his attention on things that actually interested him. He now spreads his life living simply, learning new languages, and training Muay Thai kickboxing.

I understand that many people can not or will not go to such extreme lengths to reduce clutter in their life. I am one of these people. However, here's a short list of time or resource-intensive things that you can eliminate today with a computer, scanner, and access to a broadband Internet connection.

  1. Cable or Satellite Digital Video Recorder – Solution: Hulu, iTunes, and / or Netflix Watch Instantly
    2. Stacks of CDs – Solutions: iTunes, Zune Store, Pandora, Last FM for new content; Digitize your CD collection using iTunes and put the CDs in storage (or sell them if you are not that attached to them)
    3. DVD / Blu-ray Movies – Solution: Buy the ones you will actually watch repeatedly; Netflix subscription for the others
    4. Semi-important documents (eg, receipts, contracts, etc.) – Solutions: Scan and shred. Upload the images to Amazon S3, Mozy, Dropbox and keep a local copy on a CD-R, DVD-R, Blu-ray disk, or a large capacity (750 GB or more) external hard disk drive.

So, today, make a list of things that you can eliminate or compress. In the coming weeks, I'll go through detailed steps on my experiences with streamlining my entertainment and data using the Internet.

Source by Ronald Liu

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