Doctors say a second flu shot may be helpful this season

As this brutal flu season continues, one strategy some doctors are using to fight back, is giving a second flu shot to patients.
With each flu shot comes between four to six months of immunity.
So anyone over 65, or with underlying health conditions who got a shot back in August or early September, should also talk with their doctor about a second flu shot.
The CDC does say one shot is enough for most adults.
If your health insurance does not cover a second shot, you may have to pay out of pocket.
Also with a health alert, a new hepatitis-B vaccine is one step closer for adults to use.
The vaccine was licensed for use in the US last November, and is the first new hepatitis-B vaccine in 25 years.
It uses an additive that boosts the body’s immune system, and is given in two shots over a month.
Hepatitis-B can cause serious damage to the liver and is spread through contact with blood or other bodily fluids.
A recent spike in the number of infections has been linked to the worsening opioid crisis.
The CDC must still review the recommendation before it can be added to its list of approved vaccines.

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